By Charles Robert Lindholm

You see me in the shadows
but never run away
You look toward me
searching for my eyes
but it’s me who looks away

You know I’m here
I know You do
I can feel it
in my soul

I see You from my shadows
my favorite hiding place
near enough to You
so my figure you can trace
with Your eyes
but still so far from You
as I try not to intrude

You live in the light
while I live in the shadows
of the night, just watching
and waiting and wishing
from afar on every shooting star

a prisoner of my time and space
locked up in my place
in the shadows
in the darkness
barred from ever touching You
I dream my dreams

of us

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – Please Come View My Archives!!

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