I Felt Like Dancing-Devereaux Frazier

Drugs in my veins, I am not ashamed

I’m smiling today, did I get high this morning?

Lost in trance, I felt like dancing

Not yesterday, probably not tomorrow

But, today

Today I felt like breathing

No panic-induced headaches

Or stuttered thoughts in an urgent rage

I could read each sentence properly

Without ever having to turn back a page


I spoke with clarity, and sincerely

Wondered where this happiness has been

It may not last, but that’s okay

I got to experience some normality today

Relaxed and poised, commanding

The noise, I canceled my subscription

Now, listen, I might regress

And she won’t be there to catch me

She listens to my problems (why?)

But she doesn’t hear how much I love her

Only hearing me walk the line

Then erase it

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