Throwback Friday, Wreckage, by Ivor Steven

This is a poem I posted on WordPress, in August 2017, but a piece I actually wrote back in February 2013



We’re a shipwreck of the night

The lighthouse was out of sight

After the storm of wild passion

Feeling wearied, a wreckage refashioned


We’re a sperm whale on the beach

The giant of the sea, without a speech

After the turmoil of an endless wish

Feeling totally lost, a wreckage amiss


We’re a burnt-out forest of the dawn

The ashen mountains unsawn

After the raging nights fire

Feeling humbled, a wreckage of desire


We’re a paradox of the unfolding day

The bed-sheets, awry, here to stay

After the fatigue of a forever promise

Feeling complete, a wreckage of braveness


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019

If you wish, you visit more of Ivor’s poems, you may do so, by clicking on this Link >>



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