Throwback Friday – What Really Matters – prikcab (Ian Perlman)

This throwback piece (8.14.11) was written by my late wife. Written approximately 1 month after her diagnosis with Stage 4 brain cancer. She was an amazing woman with the ability to step back, maintain and share a perspective that allowed her and all in her world to keep moving forward.

When children are laughing and jumping in a pool,

When family and friends are telling stories from a stool,

What really matters?

When “innocent” young nephews are growing hair on their chest,

When being with my sisters is the absolute best,

What really matters?

When the cousin contingent arrive with 85 platters of food,

When they drive 3 hours just to check my mood,

What really matters?

When the “family massacre” brings wasps by the hoards,

When Dad doesn’t drive the mini because he has to travel with boards,

What really matters?

It’s family and friends who let old resentments go

because what have we learned? what do we know?

What really matters happens each day

Whether a hug or a smile or a text saying “hey”

So this life changing lesson that feels so true,

I share with enthusiasm with each of you…

Pay attention to what really matters…

and let the rest go……..










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