Throwback Friday, An Opera Calls, by Ivor Steven

An Opera Calls


I’m travelling to the City by train

Going to see a BK Opera performance again

My niece, a leading singer in the show

And these carriages are gently swaying to-and-fro

I’m arriving an hour early

Doing so, quite deliberately

As the venue’s a classic olden Hotel

A bar to relax and have a spell

Drink a boutique ale or two

And some friendly chatter too

A young lady, Julia, I meet

She’s polite and sweet

We shake hands and talk warmly

Happily saying to me, she loves poetry

And I offer her an Opera ticket free

But alas, she’s about to take her leave


Upstairs I go, soon the shows to begin

I’m eager to hear the young Soprano’s sing

The Opera’s an unusual Production

A lover’s tragic telephone conversation

The four separate settings are of a Lady’s Boudoir

Our singers’ attire, glossy gowns and silky nightwear

There’s soft lighting, satin cushions and screens.

And the opera is divided into four scenes

In four Hotel rooms, with a Soprano Artiste`

Our audience standing during each piece

I’m transfixed, as the soloist sings

And we applaud from the small room’s wings

A most intriguing and wondrous show I’ve seen

An Opera called, La Voix Humaine


Ivor Steven (c)  August 2017


If you wish, you visit more of Ivor’s poems by clicking on this Link >>



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