Throwback Friday, Smashed Pumpkin Brains, by Ivor Steven


What’s it like to be an orange Pumpkin-head

Only black sockets for eyes instead.

And a cut-out smile full of seeds.

Queer ears made of rings and beads.

Inside, your brain is scooped out for pigs feed

Leaving a dark void that doesn’t bleed.

On top you’re a crinkled dome.

And your sore neck’s being speared home.


What’s it like to have a retina thread

As a throbbing nerve-end tread.

With your cell fibres smashed to a pulp

Knifing across your tender scalp.

Ebbing towards your aching neck

And crushing you like a broken shipwreck.

Then a wooden spike pierces your fragile brain

Where the horrid harpoon spreads your pain.



My poem Smashed Pumpkin Brains, was published by, “Slasher Monster Magazine”, in October 2017, Thanks to all at SMM….

Image Credit: Jack-o-Lanterncarved by Ray Villafane

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14 thoughts on “Throwback Friday, Smashed Pumpkin Brains, by Ivor Steven

  1. If I remember, I think It won 2nd prize in the magazine for their Halloween competition, in 2017…..the only trouble was the poem, is a metaphorical piece about what happening to my brain at that time, i had extreme Occipital neuralgia……


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