Welcome Our New Barista: Lazarus Shatipamba

The Baristas were thrilled at the diverse and talented group who submitted applications to be a new Barista at the Go Dog Go Cafe.  We will be introducing them to you one at a time so you can get to know them and their writing better.   This week we introduce you to Lazarus.


Lazarus Shatipamba is a wormy bookworm that rarely ever sees the sun (except through the eyes of many a fictional character). His days are mostly spent stuck between the pages of a good book.
When he isn’t busy gathering dust in the library, then he is most likely writing some poetry (some of which may or may not be fictional)

Read more of his writing at THE POETS PEACE

8 thoughts on “Welcome Our New Barista: Lazarus Shatipamba

  1. Congratulations and welcome Lazarus, I love reading your poetry and look forward to working with you as a part this wonderful team on Go Dog Go Cafe…..
    Sorry I’m not blogging much at the moment, hopefully things will be better for me soon. 😊🤗🤗

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  2. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and my apologies for the belated reply, you know how sometimes a poet just needs to put his pen to rest? And his head as well, so i took a few days of just to test my skills in the art of rest. I’m delighted to be a barista here and i’m certainly looking forward to working with you all. Thank you, and enjoy the weekend(hopefuly get some rest as well 🙂


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