An Ode To The Fish In My Dish – Lazarus Shatipamba


They say, there are only forty fish in the sea.
Swimming from coast to coast, away from the big boat-
Belongs to the fisherman keeps it free of flea.
So that on the oceans calm waters it will float-
When at night he goes out with all his gear to cast,
His net in order to catch the fish no swim fast.

Oh you! fool fish that has ended up on my plate.
Where were you when all the other fish went to school?
And were being taught how not to get duped by fate,
When she tries to bait you into biting that tool-
Used by the wise fishermen of old to hook fish,
From the depths of the sea straight into our dish.

Oh you! Fool fish in my dish that I ate with thrill-
For you tasted like a sample from the Gods meal,
Even though you were only prepared on the grill.
I hope in my stomach you swim around with zeal.
For although it is not as big as the blue sea,
You shall at least from the wise fishermen be free.

Read more of Lazarus’ writing at THE POETS PEACE

3 thoughts on “An Ode To The Fish In My Dish – Lazarus Shatipamba

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    Hey guys, I’ve really been busier than a buzzing bee in spring this last few days. So I haven’t been practising my passion poetry as much as I would have liked. As such, I am unable to post new original pieces written by my own hand.

    In my quest to grow my blog bigger
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    I hope you will not take it amiss
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