Published- Megha Sood!

Good Morning All-

Megha recently shared with me her published works for June, July, and August. As you can see, she has been quite busy! Please take a moment to check out her published works, and also congratulate her on her accomplishments. And remember, these are great sources for YOU to be published should you wish to pursue it. YOU ROCK MEGHA!


1. Book Review Published on Fly on the Wall Press

2. Visual Verse

3. Spillwords

4. Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

5. Elephants Never

6. Free Verse Revolution

7. Sudden Denouement

8. Madness Muse Press

9. OPA Anthology

10. Poetry reading at Jersey City Writers for poetry selected for the “Overcoming Limitation”

11. Award function at NAMI NJ for a statewide poetry contest

12. Print Publication in the Dual Coast Magazine

13. Olive Skins

14 Vita Brevis

15. Print Publication in Adelaide Magazine

16 Vox Poetica

17 War Crimes Against the Uterus, Wide Eyes Publishing

18.  RECLAIM Anthology

19. National Finalist in the Poetry Matters Prize 2019


1. Fevers of the Mind Digest

2. Nightingale and Sparrow Heat Issue

3. Free Verse Revolution

4. Dissident Voices

5. Z Publishing – Best Emerging Poets Series 2019

6. Visual Verse

7. Indian Periodical

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