All I can seem by Liyona

All I can seem to say:

blue light gently smoothes

the side of your face

as you turn

and I offer you a candy

because really we haven’t become



All I can seem to think:

Will you become the close

embrace that I have longed


ten long years?

What are the secrets of your


All I can seem to see:

The side glance as I leave for the day

A blue blue gaze

waves, ocean breeze crashing into me

I glance away


All I can seem to hear:

the weird cacophanoy of

singing and drums that

clouds my head

as I try to get through the day

My laugh as I giggle


at your not so funny joke

But I thought it was


just like this absurd reality

we both



Do you ever dream so far that you realize maybe it was all part of some reality you constructd in your head? Written by Liyona. Her other poems can be found on the blog The Life and Times of a Quirky Character.  Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash.

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