What A World by Lazarus Shatipamba

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore

What a World we are living in.

Where the history of many men
still remains a mystery

Because it’s been buried deep
beneath the many stories told of glories
By wise men that have not any worries.

And some animals

Are treated better then people
Possess the pigment of a darker hue.

Where ladies lose their worth
in the sight of men that judge them

Not for the content of their character
But because of the big bottoms
They have, possessed by their behind.

And countless people
Have been made to bend their knees
By liberators that seek to mend
Only their own wounds so that they can stand
Up straight and put their right hand in the air
As a sign of being the greatest conquerors out there.

What a World we are living in.

Where the masses are blinded by ignorance
Because it’s not wise to dispense the truth.

And the mute minority have not a choice
But to follow the voice of the loud majority.

Where business is booming
Because many have traded their souls
For the money that tastes so like sweet honey.

And my big brothers
Are chained to a post because of vices
Bred into them aimed towards their demise.

And my small sisters
Have suffered many a blister
At the hands of a mister mistreats them
To make himself feel superior.

And where the music sells sex
Like a sales representative
Out to meet his monthly goal.

What a World we are living in.

That has many a time
Made me feel inferior
Just because i could not see clear
Through the dark cloud of fear hovering

Above me like a helicopter
Ready to drop a bomb on my head.

Where the spirits of the greats
Are restless, tossing and turning

Because morality
Has been burned to ashes
Like the cremated bodies of those
That lost their lives to save their wives.

What a World we are living in.

Where i wonder while i wander
How the dream of life
Turned into a nightmare, during the day.

And i ponder the possibility
Of tomorrow, looking worse than today.

© 2020 Lazarus Shatipamba

For more pensive pieces from me, please check my blog.

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