A Toddler Time by Liyona

Sugary bubble gum

Sweet sicky caramel

All over my fingers

As I lick ever last bit

Laughing while giggling

Smiling and waving

While holding on to my mama’s hand

I ran to my papa to show him

My big lollipop prize

Yummy gooey strawberry sweet

He reckons its too much for me too eat

But I squeal and run

Before he can catch me

Then I sing a little tune for my mama

For I know life is true joy and

Another jolly hearty laugh

Bursts from my soul

For life is so absurd and lovely

All at once

to me

Written by Liyona. Her other poems can be found on the blog The Life and Times of a Quirky Character. Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE on Unsplash.

7 thoughts on “A Toddler Time by Liyona

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