Guest Barista: One Wolf Walks Alone – Mathew/Blog of the Wolf Boy

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For years we’ve held together a friendship,
Through tensions, which seemed not, but senseless.
I’d always tried to be a good friend to you,
In the ways I’d hoped you’d treat me too.
It’s just a shame this road’s one way, not two.
You’d always seemed quite helpless.
And to help you, my soul yearned.
I’ve a soul filled with concern,
And own a heart that’s not yet learned.
Excuse me, for being jaded,
As I work hard to ensure,
That these doors are securely barricaded.
When I was younger I was selfish,
Because selfish was all I’d known.
I expected selfish in return,
Like all those, with whom, I’d grown.
Settled for giving more than I’d take,
Grew up to become a wolf-
Raised in a nest of snakes.
No loyalty in the friend’s I’d make.
Always looking for a wild pack,
To fill a void for the love I’d lacked,
But ending up, instead, ransacked.
So, it is – that a wolf must travel alone,
It’s friends are rare, when they feel like home.
A drum thunders, as the wolf steps to its own beats,
Disheartened, walking down these one way streets…
Full of anger and the faces of those he’s disowned.
Searching for his answers in the epitome of some great unknown.
For how long is it wise to open a cloistered heart,
And hold hope, these fears, were wrong from the start?
Only to find out once again, that they’d never been,
And history repeats itself,
Knees deep in the bowels of this life’s latrine.
When you begin to lack trust in those you know,
You begin to have, inside, less trust to sow,
And become one of those you’ve always hated,
When in defense, your edges become serrated.
It’s a struggle to stay elated,
And animated,
When everything you’ve celebrated,
And fought for, seems in vain…
How long can one dance in the rain,
Before they slowly go insane?
I disagree with the very world I see,
And keep reaching out for more.
Hoping that one soul, may set me free,
And find my faith restored…
Until by chance, the world will atone,
For all the sins it’s shown,
There will be one wolf who walks alone.


You can read more of Mathew’s writing at Blog of a Wolf Boy

One thought on “Guest Barista: One Wolf Walks Alone – Mathew/Blog of the Wolf Boy

  1. What a great piece! The lines “How long can one dance in the rain,
    Before they slowly go insane?” Really spoke to me. Your poem reminds me of the saying stupidity is doing the same thing again and expecting a different result.


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