Guest Barista: A Night of Seduction – Taylor/TheBrokenInsideMe & Mathew/Blog of the Wolf Boy

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The Seductress


She twirled her fingers around those long golden curls.
She knew she had his attention,
Reeling in his fascination.
Come closer, let me pull you into my desire.
Pulse tickling in her chest,
Thoughts of lust, leading to urgent need.

Slowly and deliberately she leaned just close enough to ensure her alluring scent, Saturated his air, notes of jasmine, vanilla and coconut.
It was her signature scent.
An intoxicating melody,
Reckless even,
Sparked intensely.

The heat radiating off her breast, an inviting warmth that could be felt.
Her body spoke of pleasure,
He was intently listening.
That dress hugged every curve of her body and he longed to explore every inch.

Thoughts of pleasure, pain and complete ecstasy consuming her,
A warmth rushed through her body and leaked at the possibilities.
She stood, leaned in closer as only a whisper left her lips, “follow me”.

The Seduced


He noticed her from across the room,
That seductive look in her eyes, that enticing perfume.
When she approached him at the bar,
The music in his heart stopped keeping beat.
Only used to such beauty from afar.
He could taste she’d be a treat.
With smiles too wide, to hide, his own lofty desires,
It was like looking to the night’s sky,
While being set on fire.
He downed his drink and swallowed hard.
If she wanted him now, she could have him.
With sweaty palms and a receding calm,
There was nothing holding him back.
He mustered courage and whispered in her ear,
Something which made her blush.
While his warm breath blew against the soft skin of her neck,
And a sudden confidence made her gush.
“You have me now,” he thought, “you vixen.”
He dreamed they’d write with their bodies, non-fiction,
As they embraced their new-found addiction,
Through those lusty eyes and muffled cries.
Yet he couldn’t escape a haunting feeling,
That he’d be creeping towards his own demise.
Just one more drink, before he claims his prize.

You can read more of Mathew’s writing at Blog of a Wolf Boy


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