Review of Visions of a Quantum Woman, Margaret Duns by Kristiana Reed

Quantum Woman


Originally published on Reedsy Discovery. 

Duns’ Visions of a Quantum Woman is unlike anything I have ever read. I am not normally one to choose a book which is autobiographical, let alone one which explores Quantum Physics. However, I am incredibly glad I did. Duns’ sensitive and honest documentation of her visions and what they have taught her, opened my mind to the complex yet freeing nature of looking within oneself, especially when it might be the last task you wish to undertake.

The structure of Duns’ work allows for complicated and difficult topics to be discussed and shared in a way which never excludes the reader. When Duns explores past and current research into Quantum Physics as well as her experience with Transcendental Meditation, you never feel excluded. She writes in a way which lovingly accepts you – whether you agree with her beliefs about the ‘self’ and the quantum, or not – and she never writes as if she is above her reader. Thus, I gained an understanding of her visions, where they come from and exist and how Transcendental Meditation helps her access them, without prejudice. I believe this to be a triumph because not once did I feel as if Duns was attempting to force her beliefs surrounding her visions onto her reader; she was simply educating and sharing her journey of healing in the hope others may find solace.

I think she achieves this wish. I found solace in Duns’ ability to see beyond abuse to admit love will always remain. We often struggle as adults to reconcile childhood experiences and the relationships we gain and lose in this time; our past more often than not puts a great strain on life and relationships as an adult. Duns documents this as well as how long it took her to acknowledge how sometimes we must let go of our inner child’s desire to make everything better; sometimes it is more important for us to let go than to hold on. Yet, even when we do this, the hardest part is admitting we still love the people we must say goodbye to. Duns champions this; proving the ability to do this is where strength truly lies.

I cannot say much more without spoiling the reader’s experience; which says it all. This is a book which must be read. It offers hope, reflection and a healthy dose of science.

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