Throwback Friday-A Doll, Love by Liyona

Figurines and

Glass dolls 

Shatter against

Your unmoving spirit

I have thrown

So many things at you

That I thought would pierce your heart

I cannot tell if you are


Or madly in love

But both

give me shivers down my spine

Sending bumps across my arms

And I reach to warm them

You can tell I have no arrows in my quiver 

And slowly lean forward to pick up the smashed porcelain 

Will you look me in the eye if I called you a name once more?

Why do you show me such compassion

That it does not resemble pity

Time heals many wounds

And I have too many to count

When you softly say my name 

The angered lion leaves my spirit 

And my clouded eyes start to see everything that has been


I want to cry but instead

hold on to your hand

You do not push my senses further and 

I am able to breathe

Your love for me speaks louder than the screams

And I have such a hope because

You take care of me

Written by Liyona in 2016. Her other poems can be found on the blog The Life and Times of a Quirky Character. Photo by XINYI SONG on Unsplash.

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