Thursday Blogging

Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t.

Lazarus Shatipamba

So i see
Ihagh G.T
liked my poetry.

And Andrew Mcdowell
liked my most, recent post.

Which i published on Thursday.

The day
In which i met Callum Murphy
A blogger, bikes bravely
To save little girls from big dogs.

And Scott Rainer
blew my mind away
With an idea
That sparked a clear vision
Of the objective to the mission i have
Of reading books that inspire me to look
Deep into the depths of my imagination.

Now i know
Not how to show
All the many followers.

Of the blogs, in and around my own
Within the lively lines of this poem,
Which proudly also serves as the home
Of my gratitude and love for you all-

Who do not wish a poet to fall
Upon the nasty times of poetic block

When he couldn’t write down a single rhyme
Even if you gave him all the ample time
In this amazing wide wide world.

While writing this i took the time to linger
On the fact that Linda Lee Lyberg
Liked my comment on her high haiku.

That said hi to me this morning when
Liyon danced
her way to commenting on my poem
Like a lusty lion at a party-
He needed to get the attention of a good looking wifey.

I always wonder

If while wandering in the dark forests-
You ever ponder of building your nest
Right here in the green tree of Go Dog Go Cafe.

This is the easiest poem i’ve ever written
If there was ever such a thing
Perhaps because i’ve lost all my inhibitions
When it comes to stifling my attitude
Of gratitude towards everyone of you who
Like a writers sole blog
Seek to expand the width of my soul
So that it can swallow the world whole.

I know it’s hard
When like a blind zanny girl
You are unable to see Lazarus Shatipamba
Liking, commenting
or following as much he would like
For he recently got robbed of his cellphone, laptop
As well as the place he used to call home.

And yet he smiles
because beneath the universe
He always has a home in the hearts of poetry lovers everywhere!

© 2020 Lazarus Shatipamba

Did you notice, that the length of this poem is longer then the mean length of most of my poems?

Yet, it is not as long as i would like it to be in order to fill the names of all those that have supported The Poets Peace and Go Dog Go Cafe and still continue to do so.

If you are reading this, know that you are a superhero with no cape on

For you have saved my life and that of many, many more men and women

That know not even how to hold the mighty pen

That i try to wield with as much skill, as i can in order to heal

The wounds dealt to us by those that seek to kill

And make us weak so that we cannot even hold our quill.

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