Still Dissing by Lazarus Shatipamba

No one can give you better advice then yourself.


Nothing in this world puts a smile on my dark face,
For many things have happened that have made me mad.
Like how people still do discriminate against race.

In fact there’s those that don’t even want to embrace
People of opposite color unless they were dead
For these people still discriminate against my race.

Most times, you will find me alone in my own space
Crying my hurt heart out for i’m feeling quite sad
For nothing ever puts, a big smile on my face.

I remember the day when i had to fast pace
Out of the street to go hide beneath my big bed
For there’s those that discriminate against my race.

Then there’s those that came to my space with a mace
With the intent of bashing to a pulp my head,
For no one wants to put a smile on my dark face.

Sometimes i do wonder, ‘Should i open a case?’
Against those that constantly seek to make me mad.
For nothing in this world takes the smile off my face
As much as people that discriminate against race.

© 2020 Lazarus Shatipamba

Hi everyone, Lazarus Shatipamba here. One of the new baristas at the Go Dog Go Cafe’.

I’m so thrilled to be sharing this post with you guys here in the community.

If you liked reading this piece, then please check out the rest of my poetry at

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