A Cold Cold World by Lazarus Shatipamba

Pray and pray again, there will come an hour when the request will be granted.

Devorim Rabbah

Sometimes when i’m home alone, like a vibrating phone
I shiver and shake worse then an earthquake
For this world is so cold, it makes me fold
Myself into a ball just to all the heat in hold.

I have my coat on for this world is so cold
Even in the summer, one has to be bold
Enough to face the biting bitter winter
When it enters our bodies to illicit a tear.

This world is still so cold, even to men that are old
For it has them looking like featherless chicken sold
In store, adorned in beads of plenty goose prickles
That take attention away from all their wrinkles.

This world is so very cold, that i deem gold
Less valuable then my coat even thou it be old

© 2020 Lazarus Shatipamba

Hi everyone, Lazarus Shatipamba here. One of the new baristas at the Go Dog Go Cafe’.

I’m so thrilled to be sharing this post with you guys here in the community.

If you liked reading this piece, then please check out the rest of my poetry at http://thepoetspeace.wordpress.com/

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