Welcome Our New Barista: Phillip Knight Scott

The Baristas were thrilled at the diverse and talented group who submitted applications to be a new Barista at the Go Dog Go Cafe.  We will be introducing them you one at a time so you can get to know them and their writing better.   This week Phillip joins the team.


My name is Phillip. I live in North Carolina and, at least for the next year, I’m on the right side of 40. (Both the interstate and existence in years). Eleven years ago I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful woman, who gave us our only son, now three and developing opinions of his own. By day I work for a software company but have been writing mostly in secret for decades, only recently springing my poems on the world (whether wanted or not). I love to read, watch baseball, and get outside.

Read more of my writing at Reverie in reverse

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