Sleep by Lazarus Shatipamba

Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds.

Ralph Emerson

Sleep my little one.


And dream a dream so deep
You might not wake
When your alarm goes beep.


My little one, sleep.

Seal your eyes and take a leap
Into the dark shadow of death.

© Lazarus Shatipamba 2019

Hi everyone, Lazarus Shatipamba here. One of the new baristas at the Go Dog Go Cafe’.

I’m so thrilled to be sharing my first post with all of you here in the community and i’m really looking forward to sharing many future works with you guys.

For those that don’t know me here’s a little bit about myself:

Lazarus Shatipamba is just an ordinary young adult(21 years old) with an extraordinary pen in his hand. When he was younger, he could never stand watching his fellow people suffer at the mighty hand of his fellow people. So he decided he’d be a Poet/Writer when his chest grows hair and his beard begins to look fair, so that he could spare verses for the masses that are treated unfair.

If you liked reading this piece, then please check out the rest of my poetry at

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