Past – Liyona


Running to the
past version of
she is so beautiful
in a dark,
sad kind of way
flowers bloom
after her tears dry the ground.
Why do I want to re-live these years?
She never really saw the light
not like I do now
the warmth of a fire under my feet
to show me where I will run
I am not afraid
and the flowers bloom
before the rain
but then
I tumble into the past
and look into the mirror of
to find out
what I used to be
what I used to love
Thinking I am strong enough
the scars
that have long since
healed over
and I realize
how soft
my heart
has become
and that
my life
in the present
cannot be lived in
the past

Read more Liyona’s writing at Life and Times of a Quirky Character 

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