Why Just Men?-Devereaux Frazier

Sundown fast approaching

Thunderstorms left huge puddles behind

Mud splatters thick on jeans

And time seems to recognize none of us

It’ll happen tomorrow or next week

It could happen tonight

No matter how much we prepare, it’s as if

They never even cared

Floodwaters sweep away our beloved

Lightning snaps our families out of existence

And politics seems to normalize death,

sorrow, and sadness

They want to make us comfortable

With the darkness, the sense of guiltlessness

Necessary to rape the world of everything


Ignorance is never bliss, but every tweet

Instagram post, and Snapchat streak

Is a dying kiss to a planet long gone

Ecosystems are shit, look at me, look at me

People are dying because of our laws

The same ones that claim to make men free

But which men? And why just men?

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