By Charles Robert Lindholm  3-27-2017  at 4:30 a.m. 

My heart has been searching for a long time
wandering along on the roads my head chose

an unwitting and unwilling companion
to the choices that were made
along the way, without a say
from my heart 

and after all my heart’s been through
it finally knew, the time had come
to say, “Enough” 

“I’ve longed for a life and a love
to match my gypsy soul
and I shall search
and I shall find it

I may not know
the path to take,
I may take,
The Road Not Taken

I need the Joy
of the gypsy life
and a Love to fill each day

and so I’ll have to take control
and Our Soul and I shall lead” 

and at last my mind surrendered
for it had longings too
and with words so
softly spoken,
in a sweetly yearning voice


“I will let my heart lead me
and love a gypsy life”

Copyright © 2019 Charles Robert Lindholm, The Reluctant Poet – All Rights Reserved  –  Come Rummage In My Archives Here, And On My Blog!!

 Pingback – Vacilando by Gina – Singledust
 “Not knowing the path, I let my heart lead me” – Gina – Singledust

An inspiration from Gina’s poem “Vacilando”

 I’m not sure why or how certain people, words or things touch our hearts and soul but it is such a thrill and joy when they do.  The smallest seeds of inspiration can lead to wonderful blossoms in life and a heartfelt Love and Gratitude for the person or thing that touched our heart and made it all happen.

 I believe that credit should be given where credit is due and so I have the deepest Thanks to Gina – Singledust for the gift that she left me after reading her wonderful poem “Vacilando”!  More poems Gina??? Please!

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