Daffodil Queen – Michele Vecchitto


All or nothing on a
bright afternoon
Crowns of
daffodils, each
fanning out in
glorious green and
heavy with
ivory yellow blossoms
Juxtaposed against hedges
kept just so, those bushes that
long to be free while locked in a
manicured cage, the daffodils dance
Nestled neatly by the ordinary house which, while
offered as perfection, are
proof of a
querulous life — somehow
restless in a world of restraint
Still, the delicate flower reaches for the sun,
throned in the court of chaos and
unencumbered by such rules
Vibrant in spirit and
wonder, they define the
yearning rustles of

photo: mine
prompts: #napowrimo – day 19, 3030poetry, #QuillVerse

13 thoughts on “Daffodil Queen – Michele Vecchitto

  1. Truly a lovely and breathtaking poem Mich! ❤️ ❤️ 😊

    So many times we feel trapped confined to present a certain way in the societal constraints, yet long and reach to share our own natural inner beauty independent of these confines that are thrust upon us.

    Liked by 1 person

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