Days Passing By


it brings joy to see sunlight

our earth warm and bright

every day brings a new song

some too short some too long

it brings ease to hear raindrops

rhythmic sounds of soft plip plops

listening to a favorite folk song

some too short some too long

change comes with each season

perhaps with blameless reasons

no sense of right or wrong

some too short some too long

© 2018-2019 – Franci Eugenia Hoffman

About Franci Eugenia Hoffman – I have held various positions in the insurance industry for over 20 years. I have been rewarded both professionally and personally due to results from taking responsibility and hard work. My fulfillment comes from the promotion of others.


“Although all days are equally long regardless of the season, some days are long not only seasonally but by rewards they offer.”
― Dejan Stojanovic

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