By Charles Robert Lindholm   1-15-2017 @ noon

The performers start to gather

ready for the show

eagerly I take my seat

in a balcony row


from the darkened wings

I hear them

warming up their song

anxiously I wait for

“Prelude To The Dawn”


The stage is dark

black curtains rise

and footlights start to glow

everyone is in their place

ready for the show


The songbirds sing

and flit about

the sky is changing color

the clouds appear

and breezes blow

and daylight starts to shine


The set is such a masterpiece

a gentle landscape scene

the sun appears

on center stage

in glowing splendor

and all too soon

it’s over


another exquisite performance

of “An Ode To The Sun”

from the “Sunrise Suite”

and a standing ovation from me

on my hilltop perch

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm, The Reluctant Poet – All Rights Reserved
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  1. It sounds like a splendid performance. In my balcony seat, not missing a scene as you guided me through. You painted a vivid picture, oh how I could hear the sound. The show definitely deserved a Standing Ovation.

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