Re-align !- themoonlightreverie


The fabric of your shirt, that I held
between my fragile fingers, with eyes closed.
Suddenly a violent wave of your fragrance
rushed to my senses, bringing me to my knees
leaving me gasping for a breath of fresh air
the hole burning in my chest, the void unfilled.
You are so near, so close, yet so far
The pain in the ribs, gets unbearable
the lungs no more can take this magnitude of grief
breaking me to pieces.

Mournful sobs, leaving cracks in the bone
holes in the skin, until your hand reaches over
and gently wipes away the tears.
It gets better, much warmer and the air becomes
lighter and breathable
as you take my hands into yours.

I held you tight, tighter than ever before
burying my face in your shoulder
and letting all the pain just melt away
in that embrace, softly whispering
words- words of pain, regret, sorrow
love, and reconciliation.
Words expressing how much I missed you,
how empty have I been all along.
You nodded, you knew, cause you had felt it too
You too had been lost in the feeling of loneliness.

I let your embrace heal me, your laughter fill my heart
because with you beside me, your arms around me
all the broken pieces begins to re-align

And for the first time since that cold October evening
I felt like breathing again


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