coffee in the corner


one day in a cafe

I took my coffee in the corner
far away from the busy front
I sat at a square speckled table
under a dim white light

I took my coffee with milk
creamy, smooth and white
I sipped and licked my lips
and smiled in secret delight

I took my coffee a little bitter
with a strong bite and flavor
I stroked the cup holding the brew
watching the people in the queue

I took my coffee with me
and sat in a quiet corner
and enjoyed my company
as my thoughts began to gather

cafes are good for many things, reading a favourite book on a rainy day, people watching in the afternoon or just simply finding inspiration for my writing.

© Gina@Singledust

trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

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18 thoughts on “coffee in the corner

    • ah yes indeed! we are the people watchers, the ones who smile in contentment from that aroma and bliss of being left alone to dream, plot and plan. thank you Jo! love the company, excellent as always!

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