By Charles Robert Lindholm

She set off

an emotional

nuclear explosion

when she said,

“I want a divorce”


I was blinded by

a burning truth

searing my soul


the shock wave

of her words

wounded my heart


the devastation

was complete

it destroyed

our home

our family

and our dreams

of a future


It ended – us

with an irrevocable

unilateral decision

that left memories

broken and scattered about

in my mind


but the world kept on turning

the hurting slowly subsided

as Time’s healing helped end the pain

and Hope has brought

a new and better future

than I could ever

have imagined


and like the Spring

follows Winter

Love has returned

to my heart

 Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
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  1. My dear friend Chuck

    Whenever we have hard times in our lives they are the waves that form a polished stone at the beach of life, now you have a diamond in your heart…

    All the best my friend


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