Published Works- February!

Good Morning Everyone!

Megha has had another fabulous month. Below are the list of publications where her works were published for February, and she is kind enough to share it with us all. These are great resources for all writers should you decide to pursue them. Please join me in congratulating Megha on her tremendous accomplishments!

1. The Beautiful Space

2. Poems in Leaves of Ink

3. Nightingale and Sparrow

4. Free Verse Revolution

5. Visual Verse

6. Foliate Oak

7. Praxis Magazine

8. Three poems in two drops of Ink

9. Vita Brevis

10.Haiku Journal Prolific Press

11. Conclusion Magazine

12. Merak Magazine

13. Beneath the Rainbow

14. Spill words

15. Piker Press

Have a fantastic Wednesday!- Linda

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