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Before you go, you should know I never expected you to be the one to lay my soul bare, leave me undone drive a spike through my lovestruck heartan abysmal gaping hole where nothing will grow but black thoughts trembling in the dark. ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

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Sweeping lips across skin calling your name taste my potent delight lick the maddened lust absorb my salty seduction free fall into depths of my naked spell * ©️MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda March 2019  


SHINE By Charles Robert Lindholm  1/10/2017, 12:43 a.m. The shine from the sun lights up the day the shine from the moon lights up the night Does the moon care that it only shines reflected light? I don't think so! I shine with a twinkle in my eyes when you are around. I love it … Continue reading SHINE

My first poetry reading – “Survivor” as part of the National Endowment of Arts big read event – “Survival is Insufficient” series

So excited to share the details of my first poetry reading as part of the National Endowment of Arts Big read event. My poem ” Survivor” is one of the 11 finalists selected for the series.

Megha's World

I’m so thrilled and excited to share this wonderful news with all of you. Today I did my first poetry reading in my local community of  Jersey City writers. My poemSurvivor” was of the 10 finalists which got selected in the “Survival is insufficient” series hosted by the Jersey City writers and Jersey City Arts and Culture. So thankful to Co-Chair Rachel Poy for giving me the opportunity.

Inspired by the NEA’s Big Read selection Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, Jersey City Writers celebrated the triumph of the human spirit over the disaster.

The event was hosted in the Historic Apple Treehouse. The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 16, 2006.

Looking forward to many more.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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Living on Earth

  blossoms awaken delights of seasonal scents wonders of nature   moonbeams take notice piercing the velvety fog wonders of nature   wonders of nature the earth mother's pride and joy we must protect her § © 2018-2019 - Franci Eugenia Hoffman About Franci Eugenia Hoffman - I have held various positions in the insurance … Continue reading Living on Earth