By Charles Robert Lindholm  

Some times you take your chances

you roll the dice and stay

you bet your heart and risk it all

living in harms way


you’ve heard about the rumors

but they’re not scaring you

you’ll beat the odds of losing

with you they will be true


and so it goes

but with some time

the truth starts sinking in

as you’re picking up the pieces

of a broken heart, again

 Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm  – All Rights Reserved
2-7-2017  at 4:10 a.m.
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 Been there, done that!  Not so much fun when it’s over.  It’s hard to explain the magical thinking that comes over you when you actually suspend rational thinking in the face of reality.  Gambling is that way.  You know the odds are stacked against you from the “get go” but hey!  You are going to beat them and come out the winner, right? 

Sometimes love can be that way too.  We are so hyped up on the thrill of “being in love” as we are speeding past the multiple warning signs that the bridge is out that we can’t understand how we ended up in a crash – “It seemed so right?”

I’m guessing this is the kind of thing they (other crash victims) are talking about when they say, “Love is blind?”  Sometimes your love interest may be hiding behind a mask but more often than not they are actually hiding in plain sight, right before your eyes.  The problem is that you are not seeing straight. 

Everything is blurred and tinted by “being in love”.  Amazingly, some will even come right out and tell you the way it is but you don’t believe it because with you it will be different.  What you believe is that your love will “conquer all”.

Picking up the pieces is painful after a crash.  Hopefully, we learn to be more careful, to make better choices, to listen to better advice from others who love us and from our inner self, instead of just dusting ourselves off and starting to look for the next “ride”.

Your Soulmate is out there!  It’s just better if you let them find you rather than you trying to “Hunt them down” and trying to make it happen.

I hope you have or will find your Soulmate, sooner rather than later!

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm  – All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “ROLLING THE DICE

  1. It’s so true Charles. We are all like dogs chasing their tales. Always in motion and never getting anywhere. Unfortunately for some it can take a lifetime to realize they first have to first be prepared to receive, then have the patience to wait. True love comes but you have to be ready to accept it when it arrives. 💕


  2. Beautifully written and quite expressive, romantic, yet truth. Taking a chance on a Love relationship with an someone can be risky. So many times one may be more emotional drawn, which changes like weather.
    Verses two hearts relationally in a mutual Love relationship.
    It definitely is a gamble.
    However Communication is Key, Love coupled with Patience
    can turn any relationship around.


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