Indie Blu(e) Publishing Releases Arclight

Arclight Front Cover 2-3-2019

Indie Blu(e) Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of  Arclight by John Biscello.

John Biscello is not simply a novelist and poet, but an alchemist of verses. In Arclight, Biscello captains a voyage that transcends the physical world with graceful introspection, and philosophical wonder. His reflective nature invites us to ponder our own life experiences and ideals. Arclight is a true tribute to the human heart.

“I always saw the humanity
behind his thick-lidded eyes, the small child,
begging for a banquet of golden crumbs
to appease the motherache churning
in his heart and stomach.
A thousand lions
pitted against a studded
chain smoking beer gutted gladiator,
I saw that too, he, the lions, the gladiator,
the arena,
the smoke and booze,
all of it…”

from, I See Myself

Arclight is available from Amazon in print and Kindle version.

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