the grey rain


 A January morning – NYC Central Park, North entrance

all he wanted was a touch of blue
but her stain spread right through
he wanted to ingest her sorrow
she asked him, stay till tomorrow

but he said no,

his fingers read her soul
her sadness so hard to hold
with his brush he stroked
and with colour she broke

but the girl in the grey rain
she tried so hard to contain
sadly she slipped and failed
collided with clouds that sailed

he caught her,

dripping silently
held her while weeping
choking her silver tears
within his arms

she slept, with no fears



trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

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25 thoughts on “the grey rain

    • thank you! i am doing ok, a little tired from the travelling but happy to have had the time away and also to return to my kids. as sad as this poem is it is a beautiful one to me. there’s beauty in every human connection no matter the outcome. lives enriching the other. and i hope the new year has been good to you too!

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      • I haven’t really been around much the last two months, so I am behind on your travelling news, I am glad if it has been good for you! ❤
        And I agree … the poem is really beautiful.
        the new year is flying by, but it has been mostly good so far, thanks xo


      • it has been good, time to make some dreams come true and also closure i needed.

        i am so glad to hear the year has been mostly good, that is honest and also hopeful. go and be and do where your heart leads you.

        take care Vanessa.

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  1. This is gorgeous SD. Wow amazing! The writing and flow is wonderful. I’m upset he won’t stay, but then so happy he’s there the night/day just to let her cry and that he “caught her” like he embraced her. And that’s wonderful b/c she can cry in his arms and actually sleep. Have “no fears.” He’s done something beautiful and an unexpected kindness for her. Let’s her empty her blue sadness.
    Love this. Publish this one somewhere! Happy weekend!

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    • your reading is true to every line i wrote and thank you Mandibelle, that the words are felt the way it was meant to be. i really appreciate your encouragement to publish, that itself is reward enough. you see his kindness and that was the most important part of the poem, even for the briefest of moments if another human can do that for another, it is the beauty of a human connection. it is enough to fortify our souls for the longest time. i really love your interpretation of the poem, you have read with your heart. hugs!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Your welcome SD (Gina). I think you meant it from the heart & a little bit of kindness I’ve learned can change the world, especially when someone is having a hard day or is frustrated. I hope you experience these little moments throughout your week. I really do think this one is awesome!

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