Reality? – Eric (EDC Writing)

“You don’t agree then?”

“It’s not that simple … well it is, but not the way you see it”

“Okay, run that by me again”

“The thing is there is no answer, by the time we’ve measured it, it’s moved on”

“What has … time or entity?”

“Both, I believe, ever shifting, never reaching equilibrium”

“So you’re saying there’s no steady state, nothing to which we can relate?”

“Quite the opposite, we relate to everything, we just don’t know anything”

“That can’t be right, look how much we’ve published”

“I rest my case, by the time it’s out there, we take another view”

“Look at all the rules, the fundamentals, universally taught”

“A form of history, stories given as facts”

“What are you saying … we know nothing”

“In a way … we read as was, time lined perceptions of reality”

“What is reality to you?”

“The possibly that I’m here”

“What about me”

“If I am you are too”

“I can’t get my head around this”

“You will, yours is part of mine”

“Got it, I see what you’re saying now”

“Yes, but have you heard”

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