Glassy interlude

I wonder from where you came
an epitome of freshness you became.

Were you plucked and incarcerated
for a crime known to the night?
Did you bloom unguarded, underestimated
from a seed that found its way in
with bites for the inmates within?
Risking life, for your love knew no end
to meet and greet a long lost friend?

Life which floats around you
paled in comparison,
unmindful of the thorns,
in unusual environs
yet, allowing you space
and teaching lessons
of peace in coexistence.

The irresistible beauty
draws me to intrude
and shocks my romanticism, with
the plasticky smell you exude!
Yet I am floating out,
unbound and unshackled, with
inspiration from a glassy interlude…..

It matters not what you felt or saw
cherish the feelings that you draw.

6 thoughts on “Glassy interlude

  1. Love the dreamlike quality in this, a glassy interlude. It’s a lovely phrase and described so well. I over how you say that even though it’s “plasticky” to your speaker, it can draw worth while feelings from others. Good stuff.

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