The Other Side-Devereaux Frazier

On the other side of the mountains, there’s a sound I always hear. When I’m busy, when I’m resting, I can always feel the pulse. Right beside my own, there’s this alien presence that keeps pushing me. Benevolent, beautiful. It sings to me through the rain, shouts through the storm, and whispers between the tears. I miss you so much. I know, I haven’t seen you in what feels like eternity. But it’s been just months. I’m hardly satisfied by memories of then, but until time sees it fit, I’ll have to settle with this. Undying chords that find new moments to strike up a note in my heart. I will always love you. No matter how you do your hair, or the mud that covers your face after a ride. I’ll always see. Through it all, that light shines through you. So keep us close, watch us grow. Nobody can stop us now.

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