Tell Me – Michele Vecchitto

Jack and I Christmas 2018

Tell me about those dreams you seek
there in that vast wasteland that borders
risk and reward and floods of joy
all promised by a single drop of rain
tell me about the hope you’ve found
dancing across ripples on the water
while looking for answers hidden in
silvery trees in a forest of proud cacti
tell me about it

And as tomorrow floats like the breeze
in the air tinged with the sweet smell of
young love and youth’s bravado
tell me about how a light appeared
to guide you along the way
this, an open welcome to what may be
that even when you are worn and tired
even when miles are long and nights linger
you’ll tell me about it

Tell me that this journey is strengthened
by a lifetime of choices that led to this
that my voice still whispers in your ear
and mine is the place you’ll remember
as one filled with love and laughter
know that finding questions is part
of discovering this new life
this is your story
tell me about it

photo: mine
prompts: Written River, #curiouspoetry, Lyric Ideas, The Sunday Whirl 384

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