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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Hiding Behind
The Number
In A Box
On The Current
Of A Calendar

Neatly Organized
By Years
In Your Mind
In The Shadows
Of The Past
Calendar Memories

Good Or Bad
Favored Or Not
The Very Thought
Of The Date
Releases Them
From The Place
Deep In Your Heart
Where You Keep Them
Most Of The Time,
But Not On Their
Day On The Calendar

It Seems That Just
Noticing The Date
On The Calendar
Acts Like A Key
To Set Them Free
For The Day,
If Not Longer

Some Memories
Are Stronger
Than Others
And Take More
Time To Fade Away

It Seems
That Once Your Soul
Remembers A Memory
It Holds Onto The Ones
That Have The Most Meaning
And Feelings Wrapped
Around Them,
The First Times
The Last Times
And The Goodbyes

And Won’t Let Them Go
As Easily As The
Run Of The Mill Ones
Not Covered In
Joy Or Pain

And Places
And Faces
Come Back
From Out Of The Past
For A Time
So We Can
See And Feel
The Moments
Gone By
Like A Movie
In Our Mind

Calendar Memories
Keep Coming Back,
Sneaking Up On Us
One Day At A Time
And Surprise Us
Again And Again

I Wonder What
Will Bring,
But Will Have To Wait
For That “Present”
In Time To Arrive

With More
Calendar Memories

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
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