How to start a conversation? -Megha Sood

First Published in the Oddball Magazine

Sun on my neck speaks of its warm presence

and lift the veil of the darkness

like that cup of that warm leftover milk

curdled like my thoughts

sitting and getting consummated by the fall of the day

and soon the night will come bearing the

shadows of the doubts

the moon will scoop the fallen light

in this palms and smear across his face

as he always does every night

reflecting beauty in the borrowed light

the silence into soliloquy with night

will speak in a thousand unborn tongues

and I sit here tight-lipped

tongue shredded between the teeth

thinking of the

string of words

lodged in my throat

to bring an end

to this deep silence

lurking between you and me.


Photo by Abdi Lopez on Unsplash

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