By Charles Robert Lindholm

I’m Going About
A Simple Task
On A Normal Day
Minding My Own Business

In The Happy Life
That I Am So Grateful
I Have Been
Blessed With

Something Strange
And Unintended
For No Reason

A Mental Trip Wire
That Sets Off
A Thought
And Then I Remember

What I Meant To Forget
From A Time
Long, Long Ago
But Haven’t Yet

A Scar
Or A Tattoo’d Memory
On My Heart
That Still Remains
A Part Of Me

Of What Was Not
Meant To Be

And Then I Remember

The Heartaches And Hurts
The Sadness And Tears
And The Shattered Dreams
That Never Came True

And Then I Remember
They Were All Just
That Led Me To You

And It Makes Me
Count My Blessings
And All The Reasons Why
I Love And Adore You
Like I Do

And Why I Never,
Ever Forget
You Are My World!!

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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28 thoughts on “AND THEN I REMEMBER

    • Ohh, You make this Little Ol’ Poet so happy with your sweet comment!! Yes, I can’t ever answer the question “What would you change in your life if you could?” with any other answer but – “Nothing!”. Anything different would have never let me find my Beloved!! So happy you get this!!!

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      • Absolutely, I have things that have happened to me that at the time I truly couldn’t understand why, not that I’m happy that they are events that happened in my life, but I was able to help others in a profound way that it I believe maybe our souls were destined to meet to help each other. I guess I’m somewhat of a believer that everything happens for a reason…though I truly believe it’s mom complex than that.😊❤️


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