Seeking Wisdom – Michele Vecchitto

“I talk to God but the sky is empty.” – Sylvia Plath

mlmm sunday writing prompt dec2

I seek wisdom in the sawdust falling gently
beneath the polished mahogany bowl
you carved with loving hands
for it is not the finished product
but rather the blood, sweat, and tears
buried deep within its caviar ribbons
that tell this story

My eyes long for the beauty of paradise
scattered like sunflowers across a distant horizon
as these steps I take lead me closer to
heaven’s grace, bound by promises
I’ve yet to keep and answers
I’ve yet to find,
to find

My heart knows your truth
is a puzzle waiting to be solved
My back aches with the memory
of work undone, of work neglected
All that awaits beckons with the sound
of a thousand bells tolling your call to action
and so I shrug off this cloak of indifference

My hands trace yours, unsure and shaking
as I select a smoldering log heavy with ash
and begin to stab its very heart until
every imperfection is dissected and removed
my own tears washing it clean… eventually
until this creation is ready to receive
the blessings of a new day

photo and prompt: Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Sunday Writing Prompt

6 thoughts on “Seeking Wisdom – Michele Vecchitto

  1. Fascinating piece Michelle. First being the artisan creating wooden bowls, objects with perfection. “Blood, sweat at, & tears” as Jesus who was a carpenter. Then a longing for Heaven and rest despite the aches of life and “indifference.” The end, speaks to me of a praise song “Refiners Fire” wanting God to mold us despite the pain of being made to serve His will. I also recall a John Donne poem called “Batter my Heart Three-Personed God,” which speaks to your last Stanza so directly. In essence he wants God to batter us (him), destroy us to purify us and set as apart as Christians to share God’s goodwill & salvation. Wonderful piece. Complicated and lovely. Hope you are well.

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