snow dreams – Gina


my snow walk


snowflakes melt on my cheeks
returning my dreams to me
they belong in a globe now
to find sleep peacefully

Mercury tries to seduce me
but in his cold heart I find
truth-forming on my skin
welts like diamonds divine

frost settles around my heart
a delicious winter delight
pain and fear rest for now
my dreams are safe tonight

I refuse to be awake for you
let torment find a new home

my heart belongs
with Saturn eternally
let Mercury congeal
in my memory

© Gina@Singledust

trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

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42 thoughts on “snow dreams – Gina

  1. Oh how I love cosmic and celestial words, and enjoyed your insightful poem encompassing your joy for the snow and cold….. yes I’m doing a few comments, but I’m already tiring and struggling…. xx

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  2. I am thrilled to read this…love in such a celestial and heavenly way…and so i say “..if this is a dream let me sleep along with you, dreaming of saturn where you are my precious ring warmly hugging me with a lullaby..

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