I forgot my life somewhere

Here’s a poem that often takes me to twilights in the mind. It is like picking up a shell on the seashore, and wondering about its depth – how many oceans are raging between your fingers or on your palm, how many stories, how much of excitement or pain? Will it stay on your palm, or jump back to meet its allies in the ocean?

I have lived in the past
I do recall
a face,
a name,
a house and
a raging storm.

I run through the storm
in search of something.
I’ve misplaced Priority
perhaps a switch,
which could have
averted the storm.

I run after my heart’s desires
act on my beliefs.
the goal post is placed
inside a grave
and I make it
before the stipulated hour.

Yes, there was a Life.
I can’t recall
who lived it.
A shadow of my self
not yet separated,
but I can’t see it any more.

I can feel the heat
beneath my feet
And I still run
In search of a life
that I have forgotten
in some place unknown.

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