By Charles Robert Lindholm

There Is A Secret
Hiding Place
I Have
That I Keep

To The World
So Cleverly
In Plain View
By My Words

A Safe
And Silent Place
Where We Can Be
Alone Together
Soul To Soul
And Heart To Heart

With Our Dreams
And Fantasies
And Imaginings
Of Love
And Wild Passions
Joy And Ecstasy

Where We Can Be
Known And Alone
Away From Reality
And Beyond
And Restrictions
Of Time And Geography
And Others

Where Kindred Spirits
Can Share Their
Hurts And Pains
Their Regrets
And Scars

Without Losing
The Sweet And Intimate
And Comforts
Or Ecstasy
Of Being Touched
Or Touching
The Soul
Of Another
As Each Heart
Is Held
In The Heart
Of The Other

Where Never
Aging Souls
Can Reside
And Hide
In The Splendor
Of Youthfulness

Where The Fires
And Desires
Still Rage
In The Memories
Of Oneness

Let Me Invite You
To My Secret
Hiding Place
In Plain View

And Be With Me
In The Safety
Of The Shadows

In Between The Lines
That My Words
Have Made For Us

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Dedicated To All Who Read And Love My Words!
With Love,

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26 thoughts on “IN BETWEEN THE LINES

  1. It makes me so very happy to know that you enjoyed this, My Dear!!! Nice to have someone who understands and is able to see more than words in black on white paper!!! You are such a Super Friend!!! If my words know you are willing to reread, they will make you do it over and over! LOL!


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  3. Where We Can Be
    Known And Alone
    Away From Reality
    And Beyond
    And Restrictions
    Of Time And Geography
    And Others

    Loved this one thoroughly. We all have more in common than we think, enjoyed the way you described it, with such grace.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sorry, I missed this! I am so happy you are a follower and have been viewing and commenting on my blog!! My words and I so appreciate you so much!!! Hope your Christmas Day is a wonderful and joyous one!! Megha is such a wonderful friend and a super talented writer! I am so blessed to know her!!! I will be sure and thank her!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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