maybe – Gina


Sarawak River, Borneo, December 2017

when you search for me

among the stars that fall

don’t be disappointed that

i was never there at all

i was always the dust you shook off

i was the air that you ignored

i was the forgotten ray of sunshine

before you left for the last time


in the sadness that contains

the marrow of us

i will stain the night

with a colour you can’t see

deep dark red against

the silver silhouette

of a moon’s last shadow


i call your name

but it dissolves like

an Eastern light with no

whisper or murmur

against earth’s crumpled lines

forever lost in a benign pool

of forbidden feelings


and if you still yearn for me

i will scry you a remedy

i will tell you a story

just like i had before

and maybe, just maybe

you will come to know

how much i loved you

and never wanted to let go


so you must go now

into that foreign land

filled with the snow of my

eternal delight and pick me

a blue tinged flake

and blow it into the air

and by this i will know

that maybe, just maybe

you too once loved me


first published on Singledust October 20th 2018



trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

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35 thoughts on “maybe – Gina

  1. Ahhhhh melts my heart away….so sweet…so romantic…yet there is a sense of reality especially when you said “when you search for me
    among the stars that fall
    don’t be disappointed that
    i was never there at all
    i was always the dust you shook off”….this happens to most of us…we search for that someone somewhere where we think is the best place somebody could be, but truth is that “best somebody” could be just right beside you, we dont have to search farther than where our eyes can’t see and out hearts can’t feel…

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    • you throw new light on these old dusty words Mich. may be I was feeling that, and reading your interpretation makes it seem something quite true. that “best somebody” we often take for granted because we know they will always be there no matter what, good reminder to nourish the beautiful connections we have. I really love how you read my words, it always finds a new way of being in your heart.

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  2. These words speak volumes to me:

    “so you must go now/into that foreign land/filled with the snow of my/eternal delight…”

    It is snowing here today Gina. Great big fluffy flakes are falling silently to earth. Festooning trees and blades of grass with the wonderfulness of white snow.

    I will throw a virtual snowball your way. ❄ ⛄ ❄

    Liked by 1 person

    • and i thank you so much for taking the time to read it again, these words have a deep meaning for me and I am very happy you found something in it you could relate to. that is a huge joy for me.


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