By Charles Robert Lindholm

High Above The City
Glass Windows
For A Better View
They Sit In Leather Chairs
At A Shiny Wooden Table
In The Boardroom 

A Serious, Life Threatening
Issue Is On The Agenda
That Must Be Dealt With
Before They Adjourn

With All The Facts
And Figures
At Their Fingertips
They Understand The Choices

The Cost Of Corrective Action
Is Too High To Do
What Should Be Done,
Doing Nothing Is Cheaper
In The Long Run,
That’s What The Bean Counters
Have Told Them

And When The Final Vote
Is Taken
The Decision Is Made
To Trade Dollars
For Lives
In A Cold Hearted
And Calculating Way

Lives Were Traded
For Dollars
In A Corporate
High Above The City
Just Before
The Snakes
Slithered Away

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Credit To Sadje’s – Trace


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