By Charles Robert Lindholm

Her Pen
Kisses White Paper,
With Black Ink,
In A Blended Hue
Of Love

Her Words Are Kisses
She Sends To Me
Blown On A Westward Zepher
From Across The Sea

I Walk Along The Shoreline
Each Evening At Sundown
As The Universe Delivers
Her Message Of Love
To Me

And As I Close My Eyes
And Listen To The Waves,
I Feel Her Kissing Me
With Her Words
From Afar

They Keep My Heart Beating
As One, In Tune With Hers,
And As My Soul Reverberates
My Joy Back To Her

I Start To Hum

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired From The Go Dog Go Cafe’s – Tuesday Writing Prompt 11-6-2018

Many Thanks To Devereaux Frazier And Beth Amanda For Hosting:

Writing A Poem Inspired By The Words – Gray, Wind And Echoes, Without Using Them In Your Poem

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