By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Lived With A Woman
Who Was Passionate
And Wildly Exciting
And It Was Thrilling

Life Seemed To Be
Whirling Around Her
In A Way That Addicted Me
To Her

To Her Touch
To Her Beauty
To Being With Her
To Making Love
To Wanting A Life

I Was Blinded
To The Truth
I Could Not See,
And Didn’t Want To Know

She Was The Storm,
She Was The Hurricane,
But I Had Been Safe
As Long As She Let Me
Live In The Eye Of The Hurricane

And Then She Decided
To Move On Without Me
To Leave Me Behind
And The Illusion
Of Normal Ended
As The Storm
Devastated My Life

There Is A Price,
A Payment
That Comes Due
If You Live
In The Eye Of The Hurricane

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Credit to Mandibelle16’s – SEE ME  for a seed of inspiration!

11 thoughts on “THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE

  1. Wow love this. How it took that twist like a hurricane of utter calmness to devastation. A price for not seeing how deadly the hurricanes eye really is — how hurtful this women is/was to the speaker. Fascinating turn & thanks so much for the mention.

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    • Thank you, My Dear for your wonderful seed of inspiration for this piece! I am so indebted to you! I think this makes #2 from you?? Seems your words reach me! Yes, some of us, and me I guess have a bad habit of needing to learn “The Hard Way”. Playing with fire doesn’t seem so dangerous until one gets burned! It seems the eye of a hurricane is like a mask that doesn’t let you see the fury of the storm until it’s too late!! I’m so very happy you enjoyed this!

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      • Loved it really. Sometimes it’s fun to play with what’s dangerous until we’re harmed. I can understand that forsure. Thank you for such a compliment. I love that you understand my poems 🙂

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  2. Beautiful description of a fast-paced love that keeps you in a whirlwind without slowing down to enjoy the intricate details of life. Sounds like an unhealthy love that sets your heart on fire and blinded to the reality of deadly forces. Though my heart breaks at the sadness of this devastating heartbreak.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, My Dear, You are so insightful!! Your comments are so true! Seemed contentment was an alien idea and too boring! I guess some of us don’t learn unless we ride the wild wind and pay the price!! Yes, ’twas sad, but as you can see I still have seeds of inspiration that pop up from time to time through the scorched earth!! You will see most of my posts in 2017 relate back to some heartbreak. Funny, though, in a weird way it seems the Universe had better plans! Thanks so very much for viewing and your wonderful comment!

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